Company Formation

MAVEN Business Consultancy is the perfect answer when you are looking for a partner who can make your entrepreneur dreams come true. We can take your great business ideas and transform them into the ideal onshore and offshore company in the U. A. E. Offshore includes Dubai, RAK, Seychelles, Panama, Cayman Island, Belize, Mauritius and the British Virgin Islands.

Office Solutions

Unite Arab Emirates is growing rapidly into a global economic power. Partner with us and experience the power of Virtual and Serviced Office solutions including managed service office, online call transfers, online bookings and much more. You will be able to execute your U. A. E business from any location in the world, once we have set up your office solutions.


We will take care of all extensive documentation needs from licensing to name and activity approval, company license registration, labor approvals, company immigration documents and so on. Our outstanding network of tax consultants, chartered accountants, bankers, lawyers and international tax and trade specialists makes all this possible within a short time.

IT Solutions

We will procure and install state-of-the-art computers, servers and necessary peripherals. We can also get your web site designed and developed and register your site‘s domain name. To enable continuous organic traffic, we will implement the latest SEO techniques and PPC Ads. We can even develop your mobile site to enable business via hand-held devices.

"At the outset, Maven BC presented us with a fully detailed costs and logistics plan.
It was all in place, and we were able to prioritize things and decide the path to take based on their plan.
That very first step impressed us a lot. Keep it up, Maven Business Consultancy ."
- Beanch

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