Setting up any business entity in a foreign country means generating and managing truckloads of documentation. We would like to assure you that you are in the very best of hands when it comes to documentation. We take care of all the government red tape hassles, enabling you to concentrate on your core business activities. Our team of tax consultants, lawyers, chartered accountants are very adept at managing the following documentation:

  1. Accounting and Book Keeping
  2. Company Formation Application Forms
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestations
  4. Translation of documents to Arabic
  5. Document Clearance from all Government Departments, Ministries, Consulates, Embassy
  6. Notarization By Lawyer
  7. Legalization
"At the outset, Maven BC presented us with a fully detailed costs and logistics plan.
It was all in place, and we were able to prioritize things and decide the path to take based on their plan.
That very first step impressed us a lot. Keep it up, Maven Business Consultancy ."
- Beanch

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