Offshore Company in Mauritius

Mauritius is a premier international business hub in the Indian Ocean region. Over the past years, Mauritius has proved to become a serious and credible jurisdiction for offshore company formation, offering a combination of quality services, reliability and security to investors through its flexible regulatory framework.

The regulation, incorporation, operation and taxation of International Companies (offshore companies) in Mauritius are governed by the provisions of the International Companies Act of 1994. AnInternational Company as well as shareholders or beneficial owners are treated as "protected persons" under the Act and therefore all information or documents concerning them or their activities are confidential.

The International Company provides for confidentiality and is suited for holding and managing private assets. It is however not allowed to raise capital from the public.

Offshore companies in Mauritius are similar to BVI or Belize IBCs (international business companies) with no taxes on any income generated. They are not allowed to work with Mauritian residents - people or businesses, although they can have bank accounts with banks in Mauritius.

Offshore companies in Mauritius have the following advantages:

  • Legal tax exemption (GBC 2, which is a local kind of an offshore company, is non-resident for tax purposes).
  • Neither accounting nor reporting requirements.
  • Business can be conducted internationally.
  • Offshore company can be incorporated with one director and one shareholder.
  • Offshore company enjoys limited liability without any paid up capital (no minimum capital required).
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