Why Set Up An Offshore Entity

If your company is in need of setting up a regional facility in the U. A. E for tax-relief, there’s no better way to do it than incorporate an offshore business entity. It’s a way of legally minimizing tax payments and enhancing your company’s wealth management without intrusion. Through an offshore company, you can legitimately gain confidentiality over your financial affairs. We open offshore company in Dubai, RAK, Seychelles, Panama, Cayman Island, Belize, Mauritius and the British Virgin Islands.

Benefits Of Incorporating An Offshore Company

The benefits to you are many – there’s no minimum capital requirement, you get to enjoy 100% tax and duty exemption, apart from 100% foreign ownership and an offshore bank account in Dubai. You do not need a U. A. E Residency Visa, or need to be physically present in the U. A. E. You can also transact via your offshore business and account, keeping your actual physical business anonymous when needed. There’s no attached tax stigma, no reporting or accounting requirements and no auditing. There’s also no need to deposit capital in the bank. All nominee services will be conducted through lawyers, and your privacy is always protected. Here is the best news – you may own your own real estate in the U. A. E through your offshore company in the U. A. E.

Why Maven

It’s best that you undertake setting up your offshore entity in collaboration with specialists in this area. At MAVEN Business Consultancy, we will take care of everything, including the special licenses needed to do banking and insurance within the U. A. E. Having a good offshore company setup in the U. A. E portrays a great image of your business to clients, which is why many top international companies have set up their offshore entities through us.

"At the outset, Maven BC presented us with a fully detailed costs and logistics plan.
It was all in place, and we were able to prioritize things and decide the path to take based on their plan.
That very first step impressed us a lot. Keep it up, Maven Business Consultancy ."
- Beanch

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