RAK Offshore & JAFZA Offshore

If you want to incorporate an Offshore Company in U. A. E, you can choose either JAFZA Offshore or RAK Offshore. You opt for an Offshore Company if you do not require a U. A. E Residence visa, and all you need is a Bank Account. This being an International Company, does not come with a license, hence physical trading in U. A. E is not possible. Activity will be mentioned in the Memorandum & Article of Association.

Advantages of RAK Offshore and JAFZA Offshore.

Short Set-up Time

Bank Account in UAE & Abroad

Able to Own Free Hold Properties

No Physical Presence Required

All Income & Profits may be Repatriated

Single or Multiple Directors

100% Ownership

No Corporate Personal or Capital Gains Tax

No Requirement for Auditing

No Currency Restriction

Strong Corporate Privacy

Registered Address in the UAE

RAK Offshore Company Incorporation with Bank Account Price $ 2315
JAFZA Offshore Company Incorporation with Bank Account Price $ 4905
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